Meet Sarah Wiafe (Wee-AH-Fay)


I teach women to create a healthy lifestyle that fits their unique needs.  You see, no two women are the same and when we can recognize our individual differences instead of always searching for that one size fits all solution, or what has worked for someone else, things start to fall into place.

I teach women the tools to uncover their unique physical, nutritional and mindset hurdles that are preventing them from living a healthy and fulfilling life.

The day you truly recognize you are unique and so are your body’s needs, is the day you take the first step toward living the healthy, happy life you’ve been striving for.

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 More About Sarah…

I’ve always lived an active and healthy life.   I was fortunate to grow up in a family that valued well rounded meals with home grown veggies and beef and liked to play outside.  But as I started to get older, responsibilities increased with work and life and before I knew it, my health and fitness were making their way to the back burner.  As work and life became busier, my weight began to yo-yo for the first time in my life.  Each year I got older I seemed to go up and down anywhere from 5-10lbs and I was starting to dislike the body I saw in the mirror.  Not to mention, my energy levels were starting to tank as I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to be everyone and everything to anyone.

It wasn’t until I started to take a closer look at my priorities and where I was personally that I was able to start making strides.  I finally realized that my work schedule didn’t look like the schedule of everyone around me and it seemed that commitments to family and friends were on the rise with no sign of slowing down.  I needed to take a look at how I was going to create healthy habits that worked for me, for this life.  I had to realize that it wasn’t necessarily going to work for me to create the same habits as those around me.  When I started creating my own habits, I was finally able to start seeing positive changes not only in the way my body looked, but in my entire well-being.

I work daily at creating and maintaining habits that help me to live a healthy and happy life, my goal is to help you do the same!  It’s not always been easy for me, but I’ve found that the more realistic I am about my struggles, the more empowered I am to face them and make positive changes.  I’ve worked hard at this and continue to do so as my life changes in order to find what works for me.  My hope is that by reading about my journey on my blog you will be inspired to discover what works best for you!

My Credentials:

I’ve worked with clients as young as 16, as old as 83 and everything in between.  As a Certified Athletic Therapist and Personal Trainer, I have a strong foundation in anatomy, injury assessment and rehabilitation as well as strength training and this is what helps me help people to get moving.

Bachelor of Kinesiology
Certified Athletic Therapist
CSEP – Certified Exercise Physiologist
NSCA – Strength and Conditioning Specialist
PN – Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1 (in progress)

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